Kitchen Extension Services Paddington

In the kitchen, you may spend time with your family baking and drinking coffee in the morning. You must upgrade the fixtures and enlarge the kitchen area to make it a place the entire family can enjoy. Row London Construction’s kitchen extensions in Paddington enable you fully redo the space.

Your updated kitchen is entirely custom, so it reflects your own preferences and your family’s requirements across the whole space. Row London Construction can assist you in creating the ideal practical kitchen, whether you want to include a breakfast table into your design or modernise your cooking and storage appliances. Your kitchen may exude elegance and luxury with attractive work surfaces and flooring that is different from or coordinated with the decor.

Kitchen Extension Paddington

A kitchen fit for your home

The kitchen is perhaps possibly the most significant space in every house; it serves more purposes than just serving meals. More and more often in contemporary living, meals are prepared in the kitchen, and guests are entertained there. We make sure your kitchen extension design is flexible and completely customizable to fit all of your demands since it is such a multi-use room.

Get your kitchen addition from Row London Construction is an investment in some of the area’s best architectural work. The usage of light and space is maximised by our architects routinely. We will create blueprints for an addition that melds smoothly with your current home and the surrounding area. 

How can this space improve your quality of life?

You will have all the room you need for your new kitchen if you add an addition to your current home, but how will you utilise it? Plan how the space will be used after the renovation is finished, and think about the atmosphere you want to create. Are you expecting this to be more than just a place to prepare food? As a combined dining and kitchen room, do you think this will serve as the social centre of the home?

Be honest about your goals while talking with your architect about the possibilities available. This is your chance to build an addition that blends in smoothly with your current structure, removing the walls that separate the interior from the exterior of the house.

Do you want any internal finishes?

You would be excused for delaying your consideration of the interior finishing till later in the project since you were focusing all of your attention on the external design framework. This might be a mistake though, as paying attention to crucial elements like lighting, flooring, and kitchen fixtures early on can actually be helpful and will give you a better idea of the budget you have to work with.

Speaking of budget, it’s a good idea to talk about this as soon as possible with your architect so they can determine what is doable with the funds you have available and collaborate with you to reduce costs where possible.

Kitchen Extension Services Paddington

Why choose us?

It seems to make sense that you would want your new kitchen extensions in Paddington to be finished as soon as possible, but you also need to be honest about how long the project will take to finish. Rushing a construction project might result in a loss of quality, so be realistic and allow the plan plenty of time to evolve. 

Keep in mind that a home expansion will involve some disruption, and it may take some time for planning approval and building laws to be granted. However, the finished product will be well worth it if you set a reasonable deadline and plan ahead as much as you can.

A welcoming, knowledgeable team at Row London Construction is ready to talk with you about your kitchen extension in Paddington. Call us right now if you want further details.