House Extension Services Notting Hill

Are you contemplating a house extension in Notting Hill? Do you need more space for your expanding family? Or maybe all you need is a kitchen addition or a little additional room for your home office. Whatever your motivation is for adding on to your house, Row London Construction can support you. Simply give us a call to speak with our realistic, affable, and sincere property extension specialists.

A property expansion is your greatest option if your house needs extra room. Without disrupting your present living environment, home expansions provide a lot more floor space. An expansion is a practical and cost-effective option whether you need a bigger bedroom, kitchen, or home office.

Invest in a top-notch addition to create the ideal house

What are your likely possibilities if you want more living space in Notting Hill? The first is to search for a larger home with more rooms. Building an addition is another option that seems more realistic.

Moving is a challenge since finding a qualified buyer often takes time. It could also be essential to get a second mortgage in order to cover everything. There are other costs to take into account in the Notting Hill region, such as taxes or stamp charges that are often accrued on legal documents.

Many issues, like locating a bigger house, hunting for a home financing, packing, and moving, are eliminated with a well-planned expansion. There are several advantages to building a side or rear expansion. The main benefit is that it increases the value of your house in a stable housing market. Converting a 300 square foot loft space in the Notting Hill region may increase a home’s average value by more than 20%.

Family members have lots of space to roam about thanks to the house extension in Notting Hill, particularly the youngsters. Your home space gets more cosy. It is also advantageous to expand your home via a pitched roof or flat roof in order to create more room. The attic area has plenty of room thanks to the pitched roofing. Contrarily, flat roofing is less expensive in terms of both structure and supplies.

Together, we can design the ideal home addition for you

You can expect top-notch work from professionals with decades of expertise if you choose to deal with Row London Construction as your home extension business. Your new property expansion will be constructed to a very high quality and in compliance with current building requirements thanks to our experienced home extension services.

We can also set out your new expansion as a kitchen or bathroom upon request as we are the all-inclusive answer for home extensions.

We’re here to raise your property’s worth

A fantastic approach to raise the value of your home is to extend it. The option that is now most in demand is expanding the property’s back while also knocking down the wall separating the tiny kitchen from the dining area. This generates a big area that can accommodate a sizable open-plan kitchen. The typical style is to have a large island with lots of seats on one side and a sink or stove on the other. The difference in natural light provided to the property is transformational to any home, which is why bi-fold doors and skylights are still popular in extensions.

Many of Row London Construction’s customers are unsure about whether to move homes or expand their present residences to get the additional space they need when we initially chat with them during the consultation. If you are content with your current location, we think expanding is a great way to design your home precisely how you want it, down to the last detail.