Do you know what an electrical certificate is? There is an electrical inspection which examines how the wiring of your property is running. The inspection also checks if all your installation meets the pre-set safety standards. Upon completion of the inspection, a certificate will be issued by a qualified and registered electrician to you and this one is called the Electrical Safety Certificate of London. This certifies whether your installation is satisfactory, or if it require any changes upon finding any issue. It qualifies your home or any of your property that it is electrically safe and also ensure that it remains compliant.

At Row London Construction, we recommend to choose us because we provide a thorough inspection of the wiring and provide you the safety certificates at a price which is affordable in London and we also provide a great service. Our engineers are fully trained and they also have the required qualifications. They are highly experienced and provide reports about periodic electrical inspection as well as certifies the electrical installation certificate. Our trained team conduct the inspection themselves in a professional manner, while making safety their most prior factor. In this post we will look into everything that need to know about the safety certificate.

As A Landlord Do You Need The Electrical Certificate?

This document demonstrates how safe are the electrical installations, wiring, and fuses are. It has gained so much importance as it is a very big part which ensures that your property is fit and safe for human habitation. Being a landlord, you have a legal requirement to have it with you also you need to keep it up to date. It is necessary not just to protect yourself but it is also required for your tenants to ensure their safety. Having an inspection at an interval of every three to five years is highly recommended. Just letting your tenants live in your house against rent is not enough, it is your duty to prove that you have taken certain necessary and reasonable steps which ensure that your tenants are safe, and are not exposed at any risk from fault in electrical wiring. Landlord electrical safety certificates are important as they ensure that your tenants are safe and it is also required on your part to prove that you have taken the necessary reasonable steps to ensure your tenants safety.

We also provide additional complimentary service to every landlord when you book us, those services are energy saving advice which is free of cost along with providing the Electrical Safety Certificates of London. We are expert and experienced company of London at making your properties more energy efficient, which helps in saving both money as well as the environment. Thus, it is necessary to get your property’s electrical infrastructure checked before you give it on rent, use it for yourself or for any other purpose. Another thing you must keep in mind as a landlord is that, you should keep a copy for your own records, so that whenever any inspector visits, you will always be able to show it to the inspector, local authority, or your prospective tenant.

It is highly recommended that you must have a full electrical inspection which must be carried out every three to five years. The frequency of inspection depends on your previous inspection and the age of installation of electrical wiring. Once the inspection is completed by our electrician, they will issue you with an Electrical Safety Certificate of London. It states that if the installation at your house is satisfactory and if not, any remedial work is required or not so as to ensure that it meets current safety standards. Row London Construction has panel of qualified engineers who help to provide both periodic inspection reports as well as installation certificate to you.

Why is this certificate important?

As a landlord it is your legal duty to keep your property safe and fit for people to live in. This legislation makes sure that the property rented privately are safe to occupy throughout the period of tenancy. Electrical safety is an extremely important factor which must have to be considered for all kind of households. If you neglect the safety measures for electrical installations for a length of time, this will keep you exposed to the risk of things that occurs due to such negligence like electrical fires which may occur due to overloaded outlets, exposed wiring or if your appliances are outdate.

How Your Certificate Looks Like And What Details It Shows

There is no specified format for it. However, this may frustrate some of the landlords, because due to absence of specific format every issued report may look slightly different from the other. But this is not a big problem because format is not what ensures safety, what is required is to ensure that the report contains all those relevant information that certifies safety.

So must want to know what details it shows. In order to ensure legal compliance, an Electrical Safety Certificate of London contains a detailed record of all checks conducted by our trained electrician. If there is any deficiency identified or any issues in the safety of the electrical wiring are spotted, the report will show in detail the recommended remedial measures or if any improvement is required to be done by you. It shows whether you need to make any changes immediately to ensure the safety, or to consider it for future, so as to keep your property as safe as possible.

What Is The Purpose Of The Certification

  • It discovers any potential safety risks in your property’s permanent installations such as the lights, sockets, fixtures etc.
  • Identifies if there is any poorly executed electrical work which proves to be hazardous.
  • The certificate also ensures that there are no such electrical circuits or equipment which are overloaded.
  • Ensure that the earthing and the bonding have been properly carried out. They makes sure that there is sufficient resistance to trip the circuit breakers in case of any event of a surge.

What Do We Inspect And Test?

Our trained electrician once arrive at your site, inspects all parts of your electrical infrastructure that are attached permanently to your property. This includes all light fittings, sockets, wiring both internal and external, fuse boxes, power showers, storage heaters, non-fixed appliances like washing machine, refrigerator, oven. However, inspection of the non-fixed appliances do not fall under the this certificate, but our team look into these details too.

How much is an Electrical Safety Certificate in London Costs?

As a landlord you would obviously want to cut your operating costs and keep your profit stable. But while you cut your cost, do not think of skipping the certification, because we provide them at a price which you can afford, but if you skip it, you have to pay much higher cost for non-compliance.

Comply with your duty and contact us for your electrical certification of safety.

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